Undoubtably in life we come across challenges and hardship, life mostly at times is not a bunch of roses, contrary to my little fairytale.

It is important, I believe to ask God for stregnth and direction, always seeking to connect with him in every moment, just as we would talk to our friends.

I have monents where I think out loud, some say its the first sign of madness; but the point is if we speak to God about things more, we would have differnt perspectives.



Yes, I was asleep, although people would have called me a devoted christian as Ibapeared to go to church frequently but spiritually and in terms of my prayer life; and level of closeness with God, I was in a major slumber.

Passage: awake from your slumber…

Being a christian does not mean things will always be rosy so I have learnt during my journey. With  every test God wants to see how approach it, if it was all a bunch of roses would most of us still serve God.

what is the purpose of my trials? what does God want me to learn from them? What is God trying to teach me? Am I allowing God full access to my life, heart and journey?

At times we can be lukewarm but God says in his word if you are in then be in but if you are out then let it be so.


This how my passion started, and I decided to start writing; and wanted to write and about God and our walk with Christ, which I must say a lot of the time also keeps me in check because everyone has those moments when we need to remind ourselves of the ultimate goal, which is Christ Jesus.