It can either become a good or a bad decision to eat out -but I presume, we would like to leave a venue with the feeling that we received our money’s worth, if not good value for money. I generally would hate to leave feeling ripped off, or possibly as though I was forcing ourselves on the employee.


I feel that it may be a good idea to improve the presentation of the store from time to time. For a customer to step into a store despite its poor condition,  respecting the customer would be the polite thing to do because they are not obliged to spend their money there.


One of KFC’s store seemed unable to provide decent customer service. As the store became busier, there was a long queue of people who had already made their orders and those waiting to be served were not attended to.

“I have been waiting for a while so I should be next in line right? Which Que am I supposed to be standing in?”

As other customers cut in front of him and he was not acknowledged, he expressed his annoyance towards one of the staff. Even after this flaw was pointed out by the customer, the issue still was not solved.

Following this, one of the worker’s shouted across to the customer – in a manner that would make one assume he was pretty unconcerned.

I may be wrong by assuming that it would be nice for employees to address most forms of ambiguity to customers in a polite and professional manner.

Not only KFC are guilty of this – it happens in many places too but the level of disrespect really got to me.confused1 A lot of us may not eat out very frequently, but I presume that when we do occasionally, we would like it to feel somewhat rewarding.


I have been to a few fast food restaurants, although it is not as though I make eating out a habit of mine – it is nice to indulge once in a while. Whilst I was at those restaurants I experienced a high level of rudeness from the staff towards myself and other customers, some of the this misconduct, I would say, also came from some of the cleaners.

In one store, customers were going to the seating area to eat. The cleaner would say to customers “can you not see that”… I’m cleaning this area, or that you can not come up here, telling people to move or leave.

Although some may say or feel that cleaners are not really part of the general  staff – but I feel that no matter the level/grade of the employee their attitude contributes to a part of the service as long as they are wearing the uniform and are working there.

I feel that there should be a zero tolerance of dusrespect to customers just as the stores may have a zero tolerance of rudeness towards their  staff.

Although not all food chains are guilty of this, and some locations regard their customers a lot more than others, and show that they can actually be bothered.

Have you ever experienced this?

Does your local fast food chain need to explore better ways of giving customer service?

Do they happily welcome feedback?


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