Undoubtably in life we come across challenges and hardship, life mostly at times is not a bunch of roses, contrary to my little fairytale.

We must ask God for stregnth and direction, always seeking to connect with him in every moment, just as we would talk to our friends.

I usually have monents where I think out loud, some say its the first sign of madness; but the point is if we speak to God about things more, replacing it with the time we use filling up spare time with friends we would ha e differnt perspectives.

ame to world to lay down his life for a selfish and sinful people, to set us free.


Yes, I was asleep, although people would have called me a devoted christian as Ibapeared to go to church frequently but spiritually and in terms of my prayer life; and level of closeness with God, I was in a major slumber.

Passage: awake from your slumber…

Being a christian does not mean things will always be rosy so I have learnt during my journey.