It can either become a good or a bad decision to eat out -but I presume, we would like to leave a venue with the feeling that we received our money’s worth, if not good value for money. I generally would hate to leave feeling ripped off, or possibly as though I was forcing ourselves on the employee.


I feel that it may be a good idea to improve the presentation of the store from time to time. For a customer to step into a store despite its poor condition,  respecting the customer would be the polite thing to do because they are not obliged to spend their money there.


One of KFC’s store seemed unable to provide decent customer service. As the store became busier, there was a long queue of people who had already made their orders and those waiting to be served were not attended to.

“I have been waiting for a while so I should be next in line right? Which Que am I supposed to be standing in?”

As other customers cut in front of him and he was not acknowledged, he expressed his annoyance towards one of the staff. Even after this flaw was pointed out by the customer, the issue still was not solved.

Following this, one of the worker’s shouted across to the customer – in a manner that would make one assume he was pretty unconcerned.

I may be wrong by assuming that it would be nice for employees to address most forms of ambiguity to customers in a polite and professional manner.

Not only KFC are guilty of this – it happens in many places too but the level of disrespect really got to me.confused1 A lot of us may not eat out very frequently, but I presume that when we do occasionally, we would like it to feel somewhat rewarding.


I have been to a few fast food restaurants, although it is not as though I make eating out a habit of mine – it is nice to indulge once in a while. Whilst I was at those restaurants I experienced a high level of rudeness from the staff towards myself and other customers, some of the this misconduct, I would say, also came from some of the cleaners.

In one store, customers were going to the seating area to eat. The cleaner would say to customers “can you not see that”… I’m cleaning this area, or that you can not come up here, telling people to move or leave.

Although some may say or feel that cleaners are not really part of the general  staff – but I feel that no matter the level/grade of the employee their attitude contributes to a part of the service as long as they are wearing the uniform and are working there.

I feel that there should be a zero tolerance of dusrespect to customers just as the stores may have a zero tolerance of rudeness towards their  staff.

Although not all food chains are guilty of this, and some locations regard their customers a lot more than others, and show that they can actually be bothered.

Have you ever experienced this?

Does your local fast food chain need to explore better ways of giving customer service?

Do they happily welcome feedback?



Whether we are still trying to find our feet or at a matured stage of our lives, negative words and attitudes can affect us, and shape how we feel ourselves and others; and. Ould certainly shake us. I believe that this can begin to affect one’s state of mind, and once it affects our state of mind, it can, in turn affect our character.

Bible passage: God holds us accountable to everything we do and say.

In my imperfect walk with Christ I have found that I struggle to control the turn my emotions have on me, and how that depicts my character from the moment I come in contact with hurtful words and behaviour.


The word of God is like a two edged sword, and as Christians we must use it everyday in our walk with Christ.

We experience negativity from many parts of life, be it relationships, friends/peers, family, work, throughout education etc. The list becomes endless.

People of very rounded experience, such as mentors, philosophers etc. widownload1ll have a lot
to tell us about improving our mind-set and not allowing negativity to get the better of us.

One way I like to deal with issues in my mind, most of the time is by looking into God’s word. I find that it puts me in a better place and gives me new strength; this may be so for many.

The book of Titus chapter 3 vs 10 tells us that “As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him, once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him”. Even God’s word confirms that we should take action in the form of talking to the person about it, and that if that does not help the situation one should have nothing to do with them.


At many stages of life, we come across different people with different lifestyles backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, which is great. It is great to make friends but I feel it is also important to understand the type of friendships and communication we surround ourselves with as it could either encourage or discourage us.  Some come for a purpose, some for a season and some for a lifetime.

The book of 1st Chorinthians chapter 15 verse 33, states “Do not be deceived: bad company biblenegativity8ruins good morals”. This passage I feel very much relates to the choices we all make in life, being able to distinguish the characters of the people we call our friends because this is part of what shapes our attitudes and partly how one is viewed.

Negativity can take place anywhere, at school, at work, among peers, colleagues at work etc. It can also take form in many different ways.

I like to believe that even though most people create a wall, or an impression of themselves, one may still be able to find a way of communicating your feeling in regards to work related dilemmas.

How does one play around this in order for it not affect one’s mental stability?

Personally, having a Christian outlook on things, I believe prayers also help, as well as taking a step back and thinking things over before drawing to any conclusions.

I really like the Bible because it talks about characters that went through struggles and
certain feelings that we can relate to at some point in our lives, despite the fact that it was a different day and age.

Let us look into what God’s word has to say about the way our thoughts and words affect
our lives and those around us.

I believe that it is very important to watch how we talk about our situations, and towards our fellow brothers and sisters, (I say brothers and sisters in the sensbiblenegativitye that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus).

Proverbs Chapter 18 verse 21, teaches tells us that “death and life are in the power of the tongue”

I personally have also had a share speaking negativity to certain situations, as it can become very hard not to let certain thoughts take over your mind when something happens that throws you off course or that is, potentially, negative.

It is very important however, for us to try very hard not to beat ourselves up about it (I know it is a
lot easier said than done).

Psalm chapter 11 verse 24, “this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”. This verse, I believe, is encouraging us to have a joy-filled life in Christ Jesus, thanking God every morning for another day. I always like to reassure myself by saying
“where there is life, there is still hope”. No one is perfect and a lot of the time, I must confess, life is not a walk in the park, we learn every day.

I really like how Kenbiblenegativity3netra A. Bryant in her book, “Watch Your Mouth” talks about the power that is in our tongues, and that the way we speak has can change situations either for the better or for the worst.

This, for me, clarifies that not “watching our tongue” has greater consequences to our  lives and people around us than we realize.

1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 16-18 I believe teaches us to be strong and to bring everything to God in prayer because he does not expect us to carry it all on our shoulders, so it we would not feel overwhelmed by the tests life has to throw at us. “Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.

Once we love each other, it becomes a lot more difficult to spread as much negativity, we learn to correct ourselves with love.